On-Going Contemplative Musicianship Seminar Application Process

Contemplative Musicianship Seminar  (CM) — Rolling Admissions Process

  • The CM application process switched to a rolling admissions process in June of 2014.
  • This continuing education seminar is open to national and international applicants: singers, instrumentalists, composers, chaplains, clinicians, and professionals from many walks of life (business, law, social work, nursing, medicine, IT, etc) with fundamental music competencies, a love of music, and a longing for a deep formation in the spirituality of music.
  • CM applicants do not need to be harpists.
  • The CM enrollments are limited.
  • The CM program is the pre-requisite for application to the Music-Thanatology Seminar.
  • The Chalice of Repose Project has offered Contemplative Musicianship and Music-Thanatology programs for decades, and began offering on-line programs in late 2004 for January 2005 matriculation.
  • CM is a twelve module distance learning, low-residency program.  It combines ten delivered module lectures and two brief on-site visits at a variety of locations.
  • The modules are spaced at approximately one month intervals.
  • The entire course is taught in English and the flexibility offered by the rolling admissions process allows the academic calendar to be uniquely developed for each student.  That calendar is mutually formalized following one’s acceptance and prior to enrollment.
  • We do not post or deliver any modules in the months of July or December, and so each twelve module cycle requires approximately fourteen months for successful completion unless otherwise arranged.
  • Brief extensions to meet unexpected situations are formally approved on a no-fault basis and are given for a limited duration.  Unless there is an unexpected emergency, (illness, death in the family) it is ideal to complete the program in eighteen months at the maximum.
  • If you would like to receive a course description and an application packet, please follow the following instructions thoughtfully:

Please write by postal mail.   In order to separate the casual from the serious inquiry, we are no longer fielding email requests, even though that honors a different pace.     (Please write us at: The Chalice of Repose Project, PO Box 169, Mount Angel, Oregon, 97362, USA) and include the following information.

  • a. your name,
  • b. your postal mailing address, email address, and web site if you have one,
  • c. telephone number, and
  • d. a resume reflecting your musical, educational, and professional backgrounds.
  • e. indicate a month or time frame in which you might hope to begin. (Example: September, 2015)
  • e. include a check for twenty dollars (American dollars), payable to the organization.
  • f. please write CM rolling admissions in lower left hand corner of the check.
  • You will receive the detailed CM course description and the full application packet by return post.   Although you may not necessarily ask for it, this application packet also includes information on the other seminars being offered, so you will have a complete overview.  The twenty dollar fee you send for the package will be deducted from the fee scheduled for those accepted into any of the program offerings.
  • If you have sent an email inquiry previously but did not hear from us, perhaps our efforts to reply wound up in your spam box, or perhaps your inquiry did not arrive here.
  • Please by all means, try again, but remember to enter www.chaliceofrepose.org in your “safe” list.
  • Do anticipate replies from an “info” chalice address.

Let us know if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you.    Thank you!

Last updated Thursday, 01-Jan-2015