Healing Arts Programs (for Cumulative Grief, Loss, Trauma and Exhaustion)

The Vox Clamantis Praxis is a pastoral program especially designed to extend and deepen the uses of prescriptive music deliveries in an atmosphere of beauty, intimacy and reverence. The Healing Arts Program roves from city to city, as faculty travel, and is designed for those who have been carrying tremendous responsibility, but find themselves to be bodily, psychologically or spiritually diminished. Diminishment can surface in our lives as a vague or serious numbness, growing sadness, or even clinical depression. Most often, this program speaks to ministers, chaplains, and those in the human services.

At times, this phenomenon is also related to “burn out,” and while burn out is a very serious condition pervasive to our culture, there are many other factors that can also contribute to this experience of an “inner death.” If they are not addressed, in time, these depressions can become constitutional and result in more permanent physiological conditions. We use the word healing with a heart towards history – healing is related to wholeness and is not a symptom management approach to illness.

The Healing Arts Program embodies a profound spirituality/medicine interface, and is designed specifically to address the complex and overlapping experiences in a human biography that amount to cumulative grief, cumulative loss, cumulative trauma and cumulative exhaustion. Central to this program is the recognition that a human being has a delicate physical body, is more than a physical body, and in order to speak reasonably about healing, benefits from a clinical practice that recognizes an integral unity of body, soul and spirit; thinking, feeling and willing; or head, heart and hands.

Offered by special arrangement at different locations and usually in alliance with a church, the patient-clinician relationship of trust not only makes room for the Benedictine values of listening and responding so core to monastic medicine, but also emphasizes the two-fold regime of monastic medicine: “care of the body, cure of the soul.” By nuancing care and cure, and by including the first two (body and soul) we have a genuine chance of also working with the spirituality of the one who has been so deeply affected by the blows and wounds of life.

Since the spring of 2003, the Healing Arts Program has been receiving adults from every religious or non-religious identity. These people are all ambulatory or semi-ambulatory, some have sustained trauma from birth and others from life. The assistance they receive is suited to their one-of-a-kind needs and conditions. Some come for a long, one-day visit, others come for an hour and a half each week for several weeks. Feel free to write us at info@chaliceofrepose.org if you are interested in this work.

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Last updated Tuesday, 25-Feb-2014