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Updated November 30th, 2018

The Chalice of Repose Project welcomes your communications.

During the spring and summer of 2018, after occupying the same building for more than thirteen years, the Board of Directors and staff began to ask the leadership questions that are so appropriate of any sensitive strategic planning review committee.  What conditions could best continue to serve the local and national deliveries of the contemplative musicianship and music-thanatology programs which this organization offers?  What have we learned from a combination of nineteen years in Colorado, ten years in Montana, and fifteen years in Oregon?  Likewise, what could we learn from recent trends and developments that are heavily reliant on a wide variety of newer and very useful IT advances?  What are the strengths and limitations of each solution or idea?

Sustained dialogue allowed us to explore the possibilities of remote and virtual offices, or a combination of both.  We saw that the newer models could anchor the organizational corporate archives and the on-line aspects of the educational offerings.  At the same time, we continue to choose to deliver music-thanatology vigils and all our educational intensive residencies in person.

It is our opinion that there are times and situations in which traditional educational mentorship and/or one-to-one clinical care are both best served in a non-mediated fashion.   Remote deliveries in many fields of health care are becoming a point of focus today, however, this is not our first choice or recommendation for music-thanatology.   The music-thanatologist shows up in person at the bedside of the dying, and delivers prescriptive music live, in response to the needs of that one individual.  The direct contact of human to human interaction can be enhanced at the very end of life, and at the same time, the technological delivery of medicine which has previously been so imperative can at times become less emphasized.

In the non-mediated situation, certain intangible experiences such as beauty, intimacy and reverence can become palpable in ways that remote deliveries do not at this point in time offer.  Likewise, the strength and immediacy of the teaching encounter is also well served, at occasional thresholds, in person.  These complex realities both shaped and simplified our organizational decisions.

In this context, during the month of December of 2018, the organization will transition away from the traditional model of the physical office space and embrace a newer model which takes fuller advantage of a number of IT advances.

Effective January 1, 2019, through a combination of remote and virtual re-configurations, the Chalice of Repose Project continues its work of contemplative musicianship and music-thanatology through teaching, publishing and music-thanatology end-of-life care programs.

Our mailing address remains the same, and is: P.O. Box 169,

Mount Angel, OR 97362-0169 USA

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Our telephone number has changed, and is: 971 915 1875

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