Educational Programs Available in 2023

The Chalice of Repose Project is pleased to offer several different kinds of graduate-level adult-learning continuing education opportunities, programs and seminars. In general, this section provides a brief overview for visitors who are interested in the discovery of basic information about the educational offerings or the application process.

The programs offered through the Chalice of Repose Project do draw an international constituency, but most students reside across the USA, from coast to coast, and enrolled students represent spiritual, cultural, educational and employment diversity.

All seminars and institutes are taught in English and enrollments are limited to ten students per year.

Please note that the personal information you provide remains confidential. Information provided during telephone calls or in letters or email communications remains confidential. Likewise, if you apply to or enroll in any of our seminars or continuing education programs, or attend events or conferences we design or offer, your information remains confidential. We do not sell or rent or loan out any of our address lists to any organization under any circumstances, and we do not allow the various social media sites to import our email address book into their platforms.

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